One of the biggest struggles people can have when dieting, is eating out.

Not knowing what to order in restaurants to keep on track, can make it difficult to know what to choose.

I’m giving you 6 simple steps that you can use to plan out your meal and not feel alienated when you go out to eat.

Prioritize Protein 

Protein should be your 1st thought when planning out your meal.

  • It keep you full
  • Is difficult to overeat
  • Tastes great
  • Who doesn’t love a huge steak 

Order Extra Veg 

Another great hack then eating out.

  • Vegetables are low in calories
  • Will fill you up
  • Can eat loads of them for very little calories.
  • Have loads of varieties to choose from
  • Are full of fibre to keep you fuller for longer.

Plan out your Plate

Another simple hack to ensure you are getting the right balance when eating out.

Dividing your Plate into quarters is a great way to balance your meal.

  • One quarter plate of protein
  • One quarter plate of carbs
  • 2 Quarters of a plate of veggies

This gives you a full plate, without going over on any one macro nutrient and will save you some calories.

Learn to Say NO 

Just because a meal comes with sides, doesn’t mean you have to have them.

You are in control of your own actions, so pull up the big boy and girl pants and own your actions.

If it’s potatoes, or rice or pasta or any type of non fried sides, use the quarter plate rule above.

For fries, wedges, garlic chips etc and other sides, be careful of the amount and DON’T order extra.

If you want to save on the calories here, stick to non fried varieties and be careful of your portion size.


Easy on the gravy!

Get your Sauces on the Side.

Always, ALWAYS get your sauces on the Side.

You have more control this way and you don’t end up with a meal swimming in calories from butter and cream laden sauces and gravies.

Simply use the sauce as a side dip for your food.

Don’t Order a Bottle of Wine. 

Ordering wine by the class might cost more, but you will be less likely to drink as much and you will know what you have drank whereas with a bottle, you will constantly top up your glass.

If you do order a bottle, you WILL finish it and you will probably order another and finish that too.

That will take your calories over the limit

There you have it.

6 tips to help you to succeed when eating out while dieting.