Make time for you

Happy International Women’s day ladies.

Here’s to all the strong women that are looking after everyone else during the times we are in.

But, today, I’m going to talk about how you can start looking after you!

When it comes to exercise at the moment, there can be a lot of difficulty surrounding the ‘right’ time to train.

  • Some do it 1st thing in the morning.
  • Some squeeze it in on their lunch breaks.
  • Some do it after work.
  • Some are struggling to find time to get it done at all

There will always be questions around what is the ‘best’ time to exercise?

But, we aren’t going to talk about that today.

Morning trainingThe main thing that I like to look at when it comes to clients and exercise is;

Where will you consistently be able to get your exercise done?

This is even more important right now as people are trying to juggle work life and home life from the same place.

So, it can almost seem like overwhelm to try and fit exercise into your schedule at the same time.

But, it is possible and it’s all about doing a bit of planning and prioritising your time to make exercise fit.

If you were to schedule exercise in at a time that doesn’t suit you, you will see it as a chore and probably give up before starting.

The main consideration you should have is, where can you get it done, without any distractions?

  • Maybe you have a very busy schedule,
  • Maybe you have kids to get up and ready for school
  • Maybe you have busy evenings that involve doing all the things you can’t get done now you are working from home.

Once you look at all of these things, you can assess when will be the best time for you.

There are always holes where you can slot in a quick workout, it’s a matter of seeing where they are, no matter how small and making time to look after your health.

We will be catering for all of the options below in our Rushe Fitness Classes in our Letterkenny gym when we reopen.
We also do it online in our ladies only Habi-fit program and you can find out more about that through the link below.



The benefits of morning training for those who do it are great.

  • You are getting up before anyone else in the house.
  • You will have peace to get it done without distractions.
  • You are set up for the day and are fully awake from the get go.
  • You have your evenings to yourself.
  • Your sleep will improve and you will be ready for bed come 9pm and get a greats night sleep.


This option would be most popular with parents.

It allows them to get their training in straight after leaving the kids off at school and before they have to go back into their schedule.

Our Habi-fit classes stream at 10am and it is the most popular times for our busy parents to get their sessions in.


This can be done in 2 different ways depending on your schedule or job.

It could be a 30 min lunchtime training session done with others from your work (if you are still at your workplace) or before you get the kids from school.

It could be a mid-afternoon training session done after work if you are a teacher (now you are back at work) or your job finishes around 4pm.

Both these options allow you to get your training in if you have busy mornings and busy evenings and all you need is a short 30 min gap to get an effective session in.



This would be the most popular time for training for people who finish work around 5-6pm.

Once work is done, you get your training done, before you go home and back into a busy home schedule.

If you are working from home and have a home office, it could mean turning the work computer off and streaming your training session straight away in order to get it done.

Late Evening sessions can sometimes suit people who have an hour to themselves once they get the kids to bed and dinner is finished and they have a bit of down time that’s usually allocated to the TV.

The only time I wouldn’t recommend late evening training is if it affected your sleep.

Some find that training late in the evening can keep them hyped up and they can’t get to sleep until late at night.

Make time for youIt doesn’t matter which of the above suits best for you.

The main factor for anyone who is starting out with training is consistency.

You may find that the one time doesn’t suit and you may have differing times throughout the week that suits your schedule.

I usually find this would be shift workers as their schedules can change from week to week and month to month.

The best time to train, is the one that you can consistently stick to and suits your schedule.

As long as you are training, it doesn’t matter which on that is.

Start looking after you and making sure that your health is being prioritised.

Remember that ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’!

So, if you are always looking after everyone else, it’s time to start looking after you.

Train from home
If you would like to join us and get some time for you this March;
Our Habi-Fit program has been helping busy women to stay in shape and keep fit and healthy from home all through 2020 and 2021.
We are always welcoming new members into our fitness family and you can sign up now through the link below.