Exercise progress

Have you put your progress goals to the side in the hopes of waiting to get started again when things finally reopen fully and we can all get back to normal?

If you aren’t doing any exercise right now, I’d highly recommend you do something, even from a health perspective to keep yourself moving.

But, for those who are still focused on keeping on track, here are 10 reasons why you my not be seeing progress from your home workouts when it comes to weight loss.




  1. Your eating is ruled by the scales.
    If your daily eating habits are governed by what the scales tell you in the morning, you need to throw them out.
    Not seeing the number that you expected, feeling bad about it and then comfort eating for the rest of the day is counterproductive.
    Don’t let the scales dictate your mood and how your day goes.
  2. You aren’t in a caloric deficit.
    It doesn’t matter what you have heard, or what you have read, if you are not losing body fat, you are not in a calorie deficit.
  3. Your weekend drinks have become weekly drinks..For some, the weekends would have been their downfall. Going out and drinking multiple nights over the weekend can have an effect on your calories and also your waistline.
    But, if that has now become you having a ‘glass or two of wine’ every evening as you are working from home, you could end up polishing off 2-3 bottles over the week and a couple of thousand calories along with it..progress hampered by alcohol
  4. You aren’t in a caloric deficit.
  5. You aren’t aware of your ‘mindless eating’
    .Mindless eating is when you eat without realising that you are eating.
    This can happen to us all, especially when we are busy. But is more likely to happen now, when we are working and living out of the same space for the past year.
    We register the main meals, but don’t account for the snacks that can slip in.
    A biscuit or sweet here or there, nibbling on something as you pass the cupboard or fridge.
    There are so many ways that this can happen.
    An easy fix is to keep a food diary for 1 whole week. If it goes in, you write it down.
    You will soon realise if you are doing this or not and if it could be a reason you aren’t seeing success.
  6. You aren’t in a caloric deficit.
  7. The more you exercise, the more you eat.
    Some don’t want to admit this, but deep down they know that it is true.
    As people start to exercise, or progress in their training, the mindset that;
    ‘Sure I’m training, so I’ll burn it off’ can creep in.
    It is very difficult to out exercise a bad diet, or excess calories, especially if you are not tracking either.
    So, if you are currently in the mindset of “Training = I deserve this”, you could be keeping yourself from the results you are looking for.
    Exercise progress
  8. You aren’t in a caloric deficit.
  9. You Drink too much tea..
    This isn’t a dig at tea.
    we’re Irish, tea is like our oxygen!
    This is more for those of you who can’t have a cup of tea, without having a biscuit.
    I have seen this, many times with clients and it’s never just one biscuit.
    So, if you drink 2-4 cups of tea per day, that could be 4-12 biscuits, depending on how liberal you are.
    The easiest fix to this if you ‘have to have a biscuit with a cup of tea’.
    Stop drinking tea.
    No, I haven’t lost my mind….
    That’s the easiest fix, you could also cut down the number of cups you drink, this will cut down the number of biscuits you eat.
  1. You aren’t in a caloric deficit.

All the above tips are about being mindful and being aware of what you are doing right now.
They are simple fixes that can have a big impact on your results.

The main thing to know is they all lead back to taking in too many calories.
So, if you aren’t seeing progress at the moment, have a look at how your days and weeks are going and try out some of the tips above.

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